A serious, and often subtle, workplace safety hazard is lurking in many fabricating operations. It starts with employees hauling equipment, workpieces, and products around the shop, even when they’re already taking precautions and following OSHA’s lifting guidelines. What might start out as a minor strain from pushing around the same cart or picking up the

Choosing the Right Casters

It’s just a wheel, right? If only it were that simple. Casters are available in a huge range of sizes, styles, materials, and with numerous swiveling, braking and locking options. This can make choosing the right one feel more than a bit intimidating. But no need to worry. This comprehensive guide will lay out all
Polyurethane, or urethane, is a material that is used for its beneficial properties of toughness, durability, and rubber-like elasticity. Since the material can range between soft and hard, urethane products can replace other objects that might otherwise use a different material, such as plastic, metal or rubber. Other beneficial properties of the urethane application include
Floor surfaces in industrial settings are more fragile than many realize. For production and facility managers, preserving floor conditions will always be challenging. Material handlingsystems can cause extensive and expensive damage that impacts facility operators and operations. That’s why choosinga moving system will make a major difference, not just for the facility but for the