Conceptual Innovations, an engineering and custom manufacturing firm powered by Caster Concepts, announces the release of the HaloDrive. This omni-directional motor-powered system delivers precision movement for the largest, heaviest and most complex applications across industries. Its patented HaloDrive Pods feature powered wheels that add mobility to a wide variety of heavy-duty industrial applications with a

How Do We Define A Heavy Duty Caster?

A heavy duty caster is not a furniture caster. If you type “Heavy Duty Casters” into Google, you get all sorts of odd results. You get results on furniture casters, chair casters, Heavy Duty casters from Lowes or Home Depot. You can even find casters from Uline and Grainger. While their offerings may be “Heavy

Common Caster Configurations for Carts

Swivel/Rigid Combinations  You can outfit equipment with different combinations of rigid and swivel casters to meet specific needs and applications. In fact, finding the right combination can have a huge impact on stability and ergonomics. In this edition of CasterU we present some of the most common caster combinations along with the pros and cons
As a leading tire manufacturer’s large tread trucks (used for moving rubber by hand around its plant) became exceedingly heavy—too much for one person to push alone safely—a solution was necessary, and as quickly as possible. After all, the polyurethane tires on the cart’s wheels were also breaking down, leaving debris around the plant and