Highlighted in the article “Hamilton Introduces New U-Grooved Industrial Track Wheels” by DC Velocity, Hamilton’s latest innovation brings forth U-Grooved Track Wheels designed for seamless mobility along straight or curved tracks and pipes, catering to various industrial applications. Featuring a capacity range of 1000 to 7000 lbs., these U-Grooved Wheels offer an efficient solution for
As discussed by Robotics and Automation News in their article “Single vs Heavy Duty Dual Wheel Casters: A Comparative Analysis,” the choice between single-wheel casters and heavy-duty dual-wheel casters holds significant implications for industrial equipment mobility. When considering single versus heavy-duty dual wheel casters, factors such as structural differences, load capacities, material compositions, and application
As reported by DC Velocity in the article “Caster Concepts breaks ground on $2 million expansion at its Central Michigan headquarters,” Caster Concepts Inc., a prominent manufacturer of industrial wheels and casters, announces a significant expansion project at its Central Michigan headquarters, valued at $2 million. This expansion aims to bolster Caster Concepts’ operational capacity,
Introducing Hamilton’s groundbreaking Endurance Caster Series. In the article “Hamilton introduces All-New Endurance Caster Series,” Hamilton brings innovation to the world of industrial casters with a focus on mission-critical applications in aerospace, automotive, and other demanding industries. Traditionally, 3.5-inch to 5-inch-diameter casters are considered industry standard, but for applications requiring continuous fail-safe operation, Hamilton’s Endurance