What Industrial Caster Or Wheel Do I Use?

Using a polyurethane wheel has many benefits. However, using poly wheels outside their rated limits can cause them to fail for several reasons. Overloading and excess speed are the two main reasons why polyurethane can fail. There is another type of failure (which rarely happens) called bond failure. Below I will cover these types of
Many customers have asked, “How do I know what industrial caster or wheel to use?” Many specifications need to be figured out when determining what you need in your caster. The three most common questions that help us determine which caster include: What is the maximum load capacity of your application? When determining weight capacity,
Advantages of Pneumatic Casters Pneumatic casters have a significantly longer life span and require considerably less maintenance to operate than alternative casters. These casters provide exceptional cushioning for heavy loads and roll over obstructions such as rocks, pipes, gravel, etc., with ease. Because of these advantages, they are ideal for use within a wide range
The VersaTrac 27® Series Caster is built with your choice of wheels. We offer ball, celcon, oilite, roller, or plain bearings. This allows you to select the bearing that will provide the smoothest movement within your facility. Plus, the 2.75-millimeter heat-treated raceways won’t suffer brinelling and subsequent loss of function. This process also improves swivel