Reverse Rigid

One of the reasons there are over two million caster configurations in our catalogue is our ability to innovate by modifying existing designs to meet special requests. With our fully integrated manufacturing facility as well as our knowledgeable and creative design/engineering team, we are able to make small changes that often achieve big results. In

The Freedom 58 Series

RWM’s Silent Solution The Freedom 58 Series!   If you are looking to reduce noise and improve mobility for your operations, look no further than the RWM Freedom 58 Series caster line. The 58 Series features an ultra-quiet sealed precision maintenance free raceway design which eliminates swivel chatter for silent operation when towing. The 58

Tubular Solutions

Tubular Solutions Using casters on equipment, racks and furniture made from tubular steel presents some unique challenges. The priority is to make sure that the casters don’t fall out when the furniture or equipment is lifted or being moved. To keep casters tightly in place you will need inserts and they come in different materials,
  We call our newest wheel the “304” because it’s manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel. Better yet, using the capability of our newly acquired CNC lathe, we are manufacturing these wheels right here in our facility in Toronto. That means we can provide production versatility while meeting tight deadlines.     The 304 delivers