Heavy Duty & Heavy Beauty

Looking for some heavy duty casters? Consider these. Our 7003 and 7009 series casters have it all. Sleek lines make them a thing of beauty and their welded construction provides 1250 lbs. of heavy duty power. This caster is as rugged as it is versatile and is suitable for a host of applications. The 7003
Have you seen the Colossus caster? Consider this. According to Hamilton Caster: “What’s cooler than a giant custom order of our Colossus casters? A repeat order from the same customer that’s just as huge, of course. But don’t take our word for it. Watch this riveting footage of our larger-than-life Colossus being readied for delivery
When it comes to casters, consider these. According to Hamilton Caster: “If you’re in the caster biz, you know that 3.5-inch to 5-inch-diameter industrial casters are industry standard. Like Honda Civics, they’re everywhere. When they fail, you can swap in new casters and keep the same hardware. But what about industrial casters that can’t fail—like
Have you considered workplace ergonomics in your shop? According to The Fabricator: “A serious, and often subtle, workplace safety hazard is lurking in many fabricating operations. It starts with employees hauling equipment, workpieces, and products around the shop, even when they’re already taking precautions and following OSHA’s lifting guidelines. “What might start out as a