Wheels Revealed – Canines on Casters

Canines on Casters You don’t often put casters and dogs in the same sentence, but if you run a business or organization that keeps multiple dogs on site, you know how important it is to be able to easily move the cages that dogs are kept in. Connecting the dots, its casters that keep those

Robots Rolling into the Future

Robotics seems to be at the forefront of every field these days – medicine, education and manufacturing to name a few. Even house cleaning is being reinvented by floor-cleaning robots. Despite the many applications, shapes and sizes, what almost all robots – even the famous R2D2 – have in common is that they have to
  Enjoy aSmooth Ride with RWM’s Pneumatic Wheels Pneumatic Series Page     Pneumatic Wheels Page RWM’s Pneumatic Wheels provide a smooth, impact-absorbing operation even across rough surfaces for important instruments and components. Even better, we’ve just upped our game by making a series of improvements to our wheel product line to offer more robust tire

Hand Truck Wheel Maintenance

It is important to maintain your hand truck, even if it has been in storage for a while and has not really been used. Rust, loose bolts and wore out tires not only ruin the hand truck but they put the pressure back on the person operating the hand truck. Operating the hand truck should